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Silo Wellness understands that  supply chain, technology, formulation, strategic partnerships and first-to-market branding will be essential for emerging markets in the mushroom/psilocybin and DMT/ayahuasca  therapy and functional mushroom industries. The company's team of experienced professionals stay current with the latest trends in this space modeling the lessons learned in cannabis/hemp and pharmaceutical industries.

Silo Wellness has operations in magic mushroom cultivation and retreat operations in Jamaica and itends to bring a purpose-driven vertical integration model first to Oregon and then onward as other state's follow Oregon's lead.  Founder Mike Arnold coined the term "Spore to Door" in 2018 in the context of the Mush Rush or Shroom Boom. 

Management Team

Mark Arnold
CEO & Founder

Michael Hartman

Parag Bhatt, Ph.D.
Director of Science 

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