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Psilera Bioscience is focused on enhancing the understanding of neuro-modulators and how they can be treat diseases. With innovative cultivation, metabolics and statistical analysis techniques, the company applies natural products drug discovery to the modern world with a focus on agonist and antagonist effects of serotonin receptors and other neurologically relevant proteins to target addiction, depression and other mental health disorders.

The company is focused on several areas:

  • Cultivation Technology: The company's patent-pending technology optimizes and regulates the chemistry of fungal cultures.
  • Informed Separation: The company manages the unique and diverse chemistry of nature to remove undesirables and maintain efficient drug discovery protocols.
  • Innovative Synthesis: The company's compound design is inspired by tryptamine and other natural psychoactive with the goal of improving efficiency.
  • Unique Formulations: The company's R&D of new patent-pending drug delivery systems are targeting optimal patient relief.

Management Team

Chris Witowski, Ph.D.
Founder & CEO

Jackie (von) Salm, Ph.D.
Founder & CSO

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