Orthogonal Thinker

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Orthogonal Thinker's platform approach allows shareholders to benefit from the revenues of multiple holdings and subsidiaries. The company envision a future where "farmaceutical" products will usher in a new period of health and wellness based on psychoactive compounds and clean label products.

The company's Ei.ventures subsidiary plans to purchase a vertically-integrated clinical lab and facility that will be home to future clinical trials and compound formulations. The subsidiary's initial focus is on a phase one trial for Psilly, a psychedelic product that emphasizes the use of clean and natural formulations from whole plants versus biosynthetic methods that the industry traditionally uses.

Management Team

David Nikzad
Founder & Chairman

Jason A. Hobson
Co-Founder & CEO

Michelle Valentin
Chief Food Formulator

Alexander Speiser
Chief Operating Officer

Nate Sumbot
General Counsel

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