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Gilgamesh is a serious mental health science focused, preclinical biotechnology company with a disciplined focus on developing innovative new chemical entities leveraging a unique combination of medicinal chemistry, intellectual property strategy, neuroscience and neurobiology, and drug development expertise.

The company has a nuanced understanding of the world of psychedelic medicine which guides the creation of new chemical entities with a high probability for success. They understand the chemistry and neurobiology for ketamine analogs and psychedelic-related central nervous system compounds. They have known mechanisms of action, efficacy and demonstrated safety in long-term use in a variety of psychiatric conditions. A high probability of success is ensured by using these proven compounds as the basis for developing a portfolio of novel and patent protected new medicines. 

Management Team

Jonathon Sporn, MD, Ph.D.
CEO & Co-Founder

Dalibor Sames, Ph.D.
CSO & Co-Founder

Andrew Kruegel, Ph.D.
Discovery Chemist & Co-Founder

Kevin T. Murphy, Ph.D.
Head of Operations

Jeff Witkin, Ph.D.
Preclinical Pharmacologist & Co-Founder

Mike Cunningham, Ph.D.
Discovery Chemist & Co-Founder

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