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Doseology Sciences Inc. is dedicated to providing access to evidence-based fungus-derived medicines and products that are clinically shown to improve mental health and wellbeing. 

The company's products include:

  • Proprietary Doseology At-Home Magic Mushroom Grow kit.
  • Health Canada Licensed Medicinal Trip-Support Nutraceuticals.
  • An online shop and ecosystem that will change the way people access medicine and simplify self-treatment.
  • Low cost, eco-friendly and low consumption 4500 sq. ft. facility on 23 acres of certified organic land in the Okanagan valley.

After raising $1,550,000 in two prior funding rounds, the company is raising $4 million in financing to go public at $0.25 per common share and a $9.1 million pre-money valuation.

Management Team

Max Krangle, Bsc., LLB, MA
Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Vice, MSN, RN
Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

Noah Barlow
Chief Marketing Officer

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