CaaMTech Inc.

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Company Overview

CaaMTech is a drug discovery and lead optimization company focused on engineering psychedelic drugs that meet the standards of modern medicine. It's focused on improving the health and happiness of humankind by creating and optimizing psychedelic compounds and formulations through rigorous science and continuous innovation.

The company is focused on three areas:

  • Psychedelic Formulations: The company has developed a catalog of psychedelic products that meet the variable requirements of a broad customer base. Its products offer access to a full spectrum of active ingredients with consistent, reliable dosages.
  • New Tryptamines: Small alterations to a compound's chemical structure create large differences in pharmacology. By optimizing properties of certain compounds, the company experimentally determines the relationship between chemical structure and biological activity.
  • Drug Safety & Efficacy: The company screens both natural and synthetic tryptamine for safety and efficacy, both individually and in formulation.

Management Team

Andrew Chadeayne
Founder & CEO

Davis Wuolle
Technology & Marketing

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