Beckley PsyTech

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Company Overview

Beckley Psytech is dedicated to helping patients suffering from neurological and psychiatric disorders by developing a pipeline of psychedelic compounds into licensed pharmaceutical medicines.

The company is focused on three distinct categories:

  • “1st Generation” Psychedelic Medicine: Progressing innovative formulations and applications of well-characterised psychedelic agents such as psilocybin and other compounds
  • “2nd Generation” Psychedelic Medicine: Developing known but under-researched psychedelic agents with potential clinical and patient access advantages over the first wave of psychedelic medicines
  • “3rd Generation” Psychedelic Medicine: Designing New Chemical Entities (NCEs) that improve upon existing psychedelics by providing better clinical and cost-efficacy outcomes

Management Team

Cosmo Feilding Mellen
Director & CEO

Dr. Steve Wooding
Chief Scientific Officer

Tim Mason
Chief Development Officer

Michael Norris
Chief Financial Officer

Kalpana Sawant
Director of Clinical Operations

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