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Apotheca is a digital life sciences company dedicated to harnessing the full potential of natural and novel medicines for the discovery, development and commercialization of advanced therapy frameworks, new natural health products and personalized health solutions.

The company is pioneering in the new field of Computational Healthâ„¢, harnessing the power of AI, full spectrum biomarkers and population health informatics. We are entering the age of personalized and precision medicine, where individuals will have medicine and therapies tailored specifically for their unique makeup. This is driven by the fact that we are all different across our DNA, age, sex, health and cognitive states. One size no longer fits everyone.

Management's goal is to explore and discover how evidence based natural medicines can work together with an individual‘s genetics, physiology and mind to achieve better outcomes, balance and happiness. With this knowledge in hand, we can begin to create personalized health solutions to deliver on the concept of personalized, proactive and preventative healthcare.

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